Difficulty: 6/10

“Rusty” Bridge, Carlsbad

Photo by Trent Borger

How to get there: Park near olive ave in Carlsbad. Walk down the dirt path that is along the lagoon until you get to the railroad tracks.

What to bring: All you really need is a towel. If you want to jump in shoes you can.

Tips: You can jump from the top of the bridge or the lower part. If you haven’t jumped from something this high before, try to land straight and keep your arms tucked in.

Difficulty: The only thing that makes this jump hard is the height. It’s about 40 feet high, but there are no rocks and it’s easy to get to.

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  • Rosanna

    I like the detail in how you are supposed to get to the bridge. I think it would be cool to add a bit more info about like when is it the busiest or if there is a season when it is dangerous to jump idk.

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