• Difficulty: 7/10

    Arch Rock, Corona Del Mar

    Photo by Roberto Nickson

    How to get there: Park in a nearby neighborhood as close as possible. to Poppy Ave. Walk down the beach along the coast for about 10 minutes until you see the rock formations.

    What to bring: Bring water shoes or regular shoes because the rocks are slippery and can hurt your feet. Bring a wetsuit if the water is cold. It will also prevent you from getting cut. There is a place to set down a backpack and towels before you start swimming out to the rock.

    Tips: Swim out and around the left side of the structure to avoid rocks. Pull yourself up around the backside when there are no waves coming in.

    Difficulty: There a couple of places to jump from ranging from 15ft – 20ft. The jumps themselves are easier than getting to the actual rock. Pulling yourself up to the rock is the hardest part and requires patience as well as good swimming ability.