• Difficulty: 3/10

    Hermit Falls, Monrovia

    Photo by Anne J. Young

    How to get there: First you need to get to the trailhead. Then you need to find signs for Hermit Falls. It’s about a 2.2-mile hike.

    What to bring: Just like Malibu Creek, I recommend bringing a comfortable pair of shoes for the hike and another pair to jump with.

    Tips: If the water is high enough you can jump from some high places. There is a rope built into one of the rocks that you can use to get back up. You can also slide down the waterfall. Just make sure to keep your head and legs straight.

    Difficulty: Again, the hardest part about this spot is getting there. The hike is hilly and pretty long. The jump isn’t that high and not that sketchy.